Riding Out

Riding Out: A Journey of Love, Loss and New Beginnings

Riding Out: A Journey of Love, Loss and New Beginnings

2022 will see the publication of my first book, Riding Out – a tale of cycling 3,427 miles around pandemic Britain.

The book begins in October 2020 at the northernmost point of Britain – the Muckle Flugga lighthouse in Shetland – before going on to chart my journey around the country, through 55 counties.

I met hundreds of inspiring Britons who were all drawing strength from their situations and finding hope in the darkness. This is a tale of the nation’s resilience and determination, the healing power of gentle exercise, and how new beginnings emerge with new scenery.  

To coincide with the book’s launch, my national theatre tour will visit more than 50 venues across the UK and recreates the epic journey through a series of intimate anecdotes, high quality short films, exclusive footage, photos and audio clips. 

You can buy the book through Waterstones here or request it at your local bookshop. If you would like to enquire about speaking engagements please get in touch with me directly here.



28 London Royal Geographical Society. Tickets here.

30 Beverley East Riding Theatre. Tickets here.


2 Strode Book Festival. Tickets here.

11 Banbury Mill Arts Centre. Tickets here.

19 Brighton Grand Central. Tickets here.

22 Chipping Norton Literary Festival. Tickets here.

26 London Stanfords. Tickets here.

29 Portsmouth Groundlings Theatre. Tickets here.


2 Chiddingstone Castle Literary Festival. Tickets here.

4 Stratford Literary Festival. Tickets here.

9 Bristol Redgrave Theatre. Tickets here.

10 Oxford Tap Social. Tickets here.

12 Taunton Brewhouse. Tickets here.


5 Farnham Maltings. Tickets here.

13 Grimsby Central Hall. Tickets here.

14 Norwich Arts Centre. Tickets here.

15 Coventry Albany Theatre. Tickets here.


5 Wilderness Festival. Tickets here.


8 Chesterfield Winding Wheel. Tickets here.

10 Inverness Eden Court Theatre. Tickets here.

11 Aberdeen Arts Centre. Tickets here.

12 Stirling Macrobert Arts Centre 

13 Ayr Gaiety Theatre. Tickets here.

14 Edinburgh Roxy. Tickets here.

15 Kendal Brewery Arts. Tickets here.

16 Helmsley Arts Centre. Tickets here.

18 Stockport Plaza. Tickets here.  

22 Middlesbrough Theatre. Tickets here.

23 Otley Courthouse. Tickets here.

24 Seaton Gateway Theatre. Tickets here.   

26 Exeter Phoenix. Tickets here.   

27 Falmouth Poly. Tickets here.   

28 Newquay Lane Theatre. Tickets here.   

30 Corby Cube. Tickets here.

October 2022 

5 Portland Royal Manor Theatre. Tickets here.

6 Stafford Gatehouse Theatre. Tickets here.

17 Nairn Community & Arts Centre. Tickets here.

18 Kirkwall Orkney Theatre. Tickets here.

19 Lerwick Mareel. Tickets here.

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