Simon Parker


I work with a team of highly talented cinematographers, camera operators and editors all over the world, to deliver visually exciting and informative video content, from concept to delivery. Since graduating with a First Class degree in English & Screenwriting I’ve filmed in some of the most extreme corners of our planet, from the centre of the swirling Pacific Ocean, to the searing Atacama Desert, via Arctic tundra and the summit of the Andes mountains.

With a focus on adventure travel, wildlife and conservation, I’ve produced award-winning short and long form video and radio content for outlets such as: The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Sky Sports, BBC World Service, Radio 4, Amazon Prime Video, FOX Australia, SBS and The Evening Standard.

Saving pangolins in Mozambique

In this short film for The Telegraph, we explore how pangolins – the world’s most-trafficked mammal – is being saved from extinction in Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique. This is privileged, behind-the-scenes access, to an animal that is rarely seen. Gorongosa was decimated by a civil war, but is now regarded as one of the planet’s greatest wildlife success stories.

Rescuing wild dogs in Zimbabwe

Despite once roaming all over Africa, painted dogs have seen their numbers decline from half a million a century ago to fewer than 7,000 now. In this short film for The Telegraph I joined the team at Painted Dog Conservation, an NGO in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe, to find out how the species can be saved from extinction.

Living with elephants in Botswana

The African savannah elephant is under threat across most of continent, however in Chobe National Park, in the north of Botswana, their populations exceed 35,000. In this short film for The Telegraph we find out what it’s like living beside these six-tonne animals, and ask what mitigations can be put in place in order to minimise human-wildlife conflict.

Tracking hyenas in Zambia

The NGO, Zambian Carnivore Programme, is monitoring and conserving hyenas in Liuwa Plain, Western Province. In this short film for The Telegraph I was fortunate to spend time with Lucky Chama, who collects data on “South Clan” – the family that featured in the BBC documentary Dynasties II. Liuwa is a vast area, spread across 1,300 square miles.

Northern lights in Arctic Sweden

In this clip from Episode 2 of my TV series, Earth Cycle, on Amazon Prime and FOX, I’m speaking to Sami tribesman Lennart Pittja about the connection between his nomadic culture and the natural world. We ate fresh salmon soup on a remote hillside while the northern lights swirled overhead, then wild camped in a forest high above the Arctic Circle.

Cycling in Madeira

In this short film for The Telegraph I explored the volcanic Atlantic island of Madeira on two wheels, while discussing how it had remained largely cut-off from the Covid-19 pandemic. The island proved to be some of the most challenging cycling I’ve ever done, with 25% hills and high temperatures. Over the course of a week I cycled 300 miles, fuelled by pastel de nata, strong black coffee, madeira wine and fresh seafood.

Exploring Shetland in winter

In this film for The Telegraph I headed to Shetland – the northernmost islands in Britain, to discover wild beaches, windswept mountains and surprising wildlife; like killer whales and sea otters. The idea behind this project was to show British tourists that, following the pandemic, they could have adventures right on their doorstep. Thank you to cameraman Stephen Mercer.

Earth Cycle Series 1 trailer

This short sizzle is a snapshot of my 2,000 mile cycling journey, the length of the Scandinavian Peninsula. The premise of Earth Cycle is to explore wild corners of the planet on a bicycle while documenting the seasonal cycles of the natural world. Features within the series included: fishing for invasive king crab in the Arctic Ocean, tracking moose and rescuing endangered Nordic brown bees.

Cycling pandemic Britain

In this first film of a multi-episode Telegraph Series, shot during the pandemic, I set out from the northernmost point of Shetland – the Muckle Flugga Lighthouse – and explain my reasons for wanting to cycle the length of “pandemic Britain”. This became a 20-part print and video series, and the basis of my first book: Riding Out. Thank you to cameraman Stephen Mercer.

Cycling "full circle" to Shetland

Over the course of two gruelling legs, I cycled through 55 counties and covered 3,427 miles – from the Muckle Flugga lighthouse, to Bishop Rock in the Isles of Scilly, and back again.  At the climax of this adventure, I wrote my first book, Riding Out, then embarked on a 50+ night UK theatre tour. Thank you to cameraman Stephen Mercer.