15,000 miles in 133 days – BBC Documentary, BBC World Service

15,000 miles in 133 days – BBC Documentary, BBC World Service

My toughest ever assignment – sailing and cycling from China to London in 133 days, racing with and against the Round-the-World Yacht Race. On this adventure I explored the dynamics of both team and solo endurance for the BBC World Service.


This involved a 4-week race across the North Pacific Ocean in disgusting, treacherous conditions and when we reached Seattle on America’s west coast our yacht and crew were battered and bruised. I had personally lost almost 10 kilos in weight, having suffered daily, incapacitating bouts of seasickness.


From there I then cycled solo and unsupported across the USA, covering 3,750 miles in 48 gruelling days. My aim was to beat the fleet of 12 yachts to New York, and I did… by 12 hours. On my coast-to-coast ride I met hundreds of incredible people who either gave me a place to shower and rest or simply just wanted to chat about my adventure. It was the best two months of my life.


I then sailed with a different team across the North Atlantic from New York to Derry in Northern Ireland, before finally cycling through Ireland, Wales, England and Holland to Den Helder. A final sail to Central London completed my land and sea adventure; a half circumnavigation of planet earth.


Listen to the full radio documentary here. 


August 29, 2017


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