A month of phone-free travel – The Daily Telegraph

A month of phone-free travel – The Daily Telegraph

How would you cope travelling smartphone-free for an entire month? In Central America I found myself having to do just that.


My thoughts quickly drifted to the hypothetical tree falling in a forest making (or not making) a sound. Well, if I was to eat avocado on toast, witnesses an impressive sunset, or, heaven forbid, drink a flat white with an aesthetically pleasing milky leaf embossed upon it, and not post it on social media, would any of those things actually, really, happen?


At first, there was an overwhelming feeling of grief – bereft of my high-tech comfort blanket, however, within just 24-hours, muscle memory began miraculously returning to my hands and eyeballs. Amazingly they could be utilised for hundreds of other purposes, beyond aimlessly scrolling through silky photos and nonsensical #inspo. I’d time travelled. To a simpler, less conceited era, circa 2007. The world around me was bright, tropical and vivacious – broadcast exclusively and in high definition down my pre-Instagram #nofilter optic nerves.   


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May 10, 2018