A shamanic adventure – From Our Own Correspondent, BBC R4

A shamanic adventure – From Our Own Correspondent, BBC R4

I had visited Machu Picchu half a dozen times, but never with a Shaman. On this assignment for From Our Own Correspondent I trekked into the ancient citadel while discussing how mass tourism had impacted this region of Peru, for better and worse.


Face to face with an Andean shaman for the first time, despite half a dozen previous assignments to Peru’s Sacred Valley, I knew I was in for a ride. My finger and thumb quaked under the symbolic weight of the three delicate leaves – a sacred offering to the Apus – the spirits of the Andes Mountains surrounding us.


For two hours, Roberto preached in the Andean language of Quecha – while slowly adding all manner of items into a paper parcel in front of us. “This is an offering we will give to the planet and our spirits,” he told me, as he placed almost forty different types of leaves, fruits and powders beneath our feet.


You can listen to the full BBC report here. 


May 29, 2017