Awasi Iguazú Falls, Argentina – The Daily Telegraph

Awasi Iguazú Falls, Argentina – The Daily Telegraph

In January 2018 I was the first journalist to visit the brand new adventure lodge, Awasi Iguazu, in the very north of Argentina – just 20 minutes from the widest waterfall on the planet. It’s a very special place indeed.


Awasi’s iron-rich basalt pathways, juxtapose starkly, and beautifully, with the lush and encroaching jungle, as a kaleidoscope of bird species flit their way between drizzle-ladened vines and grand, lichen-lined tree trunks.


Outside, the heat and humidity clings to every pore, but enter the spacious bar-meets-restaurant and you’re transported to a high-ceilinged cabin of aromatic pine, leather sofas and stained wood coffee tables – forged from huge hunks of fallen giants.


This is an open plan, calming space where guests can sup Argentine wines while pouring over maps or thumbing through glossy travel books.


You can read my full review of Awasi here. 


February 12, 2018