Brits are the rudest travellers – The Daily Telegraph

Brits are the rudest travellers – The Daily Telegraph

Are Brits the rudest travellers of the lot? I think they’re certainly up there with the worst offenders. In this opinion column for The Daily Telegraph I take a look at the most unforgivable behaviour – and ask if, maybe, we should take a lesson from the Japanese?


As a frequent flier, often using more than 30 airlines a year – each with different policies on everything from bottled water to when you can use your mobile phone – I’m amazed it’s taken this long for a discussion about peanuts on planes to hit the headlines.


The singer Dua Lipa publically lambasted United Airlines last week for continuing to serve the snack on one of their flights, tweeting: “I can’t believe I’m on a @united flight rn and I told the steward that my sister was severely allergic to nuts and his reply was ‘we’re not a nut-free airline so if she has an EpiPen she might have to use that as we can’t not serve other passengers in your section nuts’.”


You can read the full column here.


July 23, 2019