Catching a drift over Colombia’s ‘beautiful city’ – The Independent

Catching a drift over Colombia’s ‘beautiful city’ – The Independent

In this story for The Independent I became a fully-qualified paragliding pilot in Colombia. In two weeks I embarked upon 28 solo flights and, thankfully, survived to tell the tale.


The next morning I was bleary-eyed but determined. With hands clasping the polyester lines, I lunged at the crest of the hill as my glider filled with air. Ten lurching strides later, I was airborne, soaring almost weightlessly and silently above a tree-lined valley peppered with cattle and high-pitched mopeds whizzing along tiny roads.


I could make out the Andes looming to the north, while to the left a spiral of turkey vultures soared in a rising thermal with grace and ease. I felt comparably clumsy, clenching my fists in the handles of the harness, listening for instructions on the radio strapped to my chest. 


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October 20, 2015