Cycling the US-Mexico border wall – The Daily Telegraph

Cycling the US-Mexico border wall – The Daily Telegraph

In October 2018 I set off to cycle, solo, 2,500 miles from the southern point of Texas to California’s Pacific coastline. The idea was to trace the US-Mexico border, on a bicycle, at a time of socio-political instability, but it didn’t quite go to plan…


Texan newspapers and TV news shows appear to be dining out on a narrative of fear – almost every story, it seemed, was about either a terrifying shooting or the looming threat “across the border”. Flicking intermittently to Mexican channels, as you can do in borderland motels, is a fascinating experience.


On the English language news programmes there appears to be an impending sense of conflict and doom, meanwhile the Hispanic-aimed content is of a significantly more human interest feel – slower paced, with lingering close-ups of women and children, telling stories of social inequality, unemployment and housing shortages. None of this happens by chance.


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July 24, 2019