Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia – The Daily Telegraph

Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia – The Daily Telegraph

I’ve been lucky to visit Namibia on three separate occasions and in this story for Telegraph Travel I stayed at Desert Rhino Camp, where I tracked critically endangered black rhinos.


One of the last remaining places on earth to see critically endangered black rhinos, this isolated camp has just eight tented rooms, positioned in a searing north Namibian wilderness. Come here for game drives and tranquility.


This is the place to visit if you want to track and glimpse one of the planet’s rarest animals, the black rhino, and over the course of a long morning on four wheels and two feet, you’re very likely to achieve that. The guides are exceptional, working enthusiastically alongside the Save the Rhino Trust to help guests come face to face with these one-and-a-half-ton animals.


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December 20, 2017