Exploring Tsukiji – From Our Own Correspondent, BBC R4

Exploring Tsukiji – From Our Own Correspondent, BBC R4

Jet-lagged in Japan, in this piece for From Our Own Correspondent I explore the planet’s biggest fish market; Tsukiji, Tokyo.


As I left the outer market behind, and entered the significantly more frantic world of the inner traders, I could see that she certainly had a point. Spread over a vast area of 56 acres, Tsukiji is a gargantuan labyrinth of hundreds of covered avenues, made almost entirely from, what is now, rusting steel and crumbling concrete.


Despite its obvious decline, though, all around me, buyers, brokers, boxers, un-boxers, drivers, wrappers, weighers and cutters buzzed, busily in every direction, consumed by their own deadlines and duties. I felt like a ghost, entirely invisible to the tens of thousands of people in there.


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October 20, 2017