FIFA’s newest team – Sportshour, BBC World Service

FIFA’s newest team – Sportshour, BBC World Service

Saint Helena are FIFA’s newest recruits – and in October 2019 I visited the South Atlantic island to meet their team following the Island Games.


Now, to the South Atlantic – and the tiny British overseas territory of Saint Helena – an island just 10 by 5 miles wide, and with a population of only 4,500 people. You’d be excused for thinking that not much goes on, on such a far-flung and isolated outpost, but despite its size and location, football is a thriving sport. 
So much so, that last summer the island sent its first ever team overseas to compete in the Inter Games in Wales. They lost both of their matches, but as Sportshour’s Simon Parker has been discovering – just making it halfway around the world for the tournament was an achievement in its own right. 
You can hear the full report in this episode of Sportshour on the BBC World Service.

January 8, 2020