Mad Max and Namibia’s Skeleton Coast – The Independent

Mad Max and Namibia’s Skeleton Coast – The Independent

On this assignment for The Independent I flew around Namibia in light aircraft visiting the locations where Mad Max: Fury Road had recently been filmed. In the process I tracked critically endangered desert elephants. It ranks as one of the most memorable events of my life.


As we bumped along the parched bed of the Hoanib River away from camp, the setting sun washed an auburn haze over spinneys of emerald undergrowth while a light breeze swirled sand along the ground.


All around me I could see a habitat slowly stirring after the searing heat of the day and an animal kingdom waking up to its nocturnal calendar. Charles had spotted a few faint, but substantial elephant footprints in the sand. We started to follow them eagerly, but cautiously.


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May 15, 2015