On holiday in Mexico’s murder capital – The Daily Telegraph

On holiday in Mexico’s murder capital – The Daily Telegraph

While based in Mexico in early 2018 I visited the city of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero on behalf of The Daily Telegraph. In this report I investigated how, after many challenging years, the city is slowly recovering to welcome a record number of tourists.


As a toddler clinked together a bucket and spade in childish approval of the nearby three-piece mariachi band, a soldier fiddled with the butt of his automatic machine gun. His polished black boots were impossible to miss among the hundreds of pairs of flip-flops. Sweat streamed over the khaki chinstrap of his camouflage helmet. His heavy bulletproof vest doubled the size of his barely adult torso. It was 34 degrees centigrade and there was scarcely a free patch of sand between the beach towels and parasols, but he was dressed for all-out war.


Despite playing host to Hollywood’s great and good between the 1950s and 1980s, Acapulco’s crescent bay has fallen on troubled times. Frank Sinatra famously described the city as “perfect for a flying honeymoon,” in his 1958 hit Come Fly with Me, but in each of the past five years the homicide rate has been higher here than anywhere else in Mexico, giving rise to a notorious modern title: Mexico’s murder capital.


You can read the full report here. 


March 10, 2018