Pondering the time I waste in airports – The Daily Telegraph

Pondering the time I waste in airports – The Daily Telegraph

As a keen traveller I spend hundreds of hours in airports – but how could the process be streamlined? In this feature for The Telegraph I take a look at airport infrastructure and time-saving potential.


With my forehead flush to the cold plane window, I let out a long and familiar sigh. Fifty minutes had passed since we’d taxied from the gate, but still we were sat on the tarmac at Heathrow, waiting for our turn to disappear into the thick grey sky.


“How much time have I wasted in airports over the years?” I groaned. With half a dozen planes ahead of us, we weren’t going anywhere fast, so I pulled out my notebook and pen, and set off on a nerdy calculation.  


According to a study from 2010, the average traveller spends 16 days of their life faffing around in airports. I assumed that most travel writers or business travellers must probably clock this up in half the time. But after a few basic sums, I was startled to see my numbers laid bare, in black in white.


In 2018, for example, I made 18 overseas trips, many long haul, and about half of which required a connecting flight. Thus, 18 trips consisting of 3 flights each, on average, so that is 54 flights.


You can read the full feature here.


January 26, 2019