Inside the Arctic’s loneliest town – The Daily Telegraph

Inside the Arctic’s loneliest town – The Daily Telegraph

In September 2019 I visited one one of the most remote human settlements on earth – Ittoqqortootmiit, East Greenland for Telegraph Travel.


“My father was attacked by a polar bear in this exact spot last year,” said my guide, Nundu, as he pointed to the shards of cold granite beneath our boots. “He didn’t have his gun, so he had to punch it in the nose three times before running away. When he made it inside, his arm was covered in slobber.” 


Nundu’s father had encountered a particularly feisty adolescent male, but if it had been an adult, his story might have had a far more solemn tone. “He eventually had the last laugh, though,” said Nundu, as we sipped instant coffee from plastic beakers. “Look through that window over there,” he told me. “That’s its skull on the shelf above the television.” 


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January 8, 2020