I’ve taken my travel tales on tour to hundreds of private members’ clubs, schools, universities, corporate and public events all over the world, including The Frontline Club, Cambridge University and Tedx.

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It was a real pleasure having Simon come to chair an event at the Frontline Club. Not only is he an excellent public speaker in his own right with fascinating experiences; he is a great interviewer – bringing the best out of the other film makers on the panel.

– Laura Gane, Editorial Director, The Frontline Club, London

What an extraordinary life! Simon had the guts to live the way he wants, no regrets – and this is what appealed to us when curating our event in 2017. Even though he’s living out of a suitcase and always on the move that didn’t stop Simon from communicating with us regularly, refining his talk over several weeks to produce the kick-ass TEDx Talk that wowed our audience on event day.

– Kimberley Owen, Event Director TEDx LeamingtonSpa

A fascinating and inspiring presentation, with wonderful visuals to tell Simon’s story so far.  Some incredible feats of endurance and self-will demonstrated to our pupils how important it is to focus on their passions in life and to make the most of opportunities that come their way.

– Rebecca Hallam, Head of Higher Education, King Edward’s School, Witley

Simon was invited to be our Guest of Honour and Speaker at our Speech Day.  He gave a fascinating and inspiring talk, managing to direct his words both to the younger children of the school, while also holding the interest of the older pupils and adults.  The pupils would have gained a huge amount from hearing his amusing anecdotes, as well as motivating them to believe that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to. A brilliant speaker – we will be getting him back again.

– Simon Clarke, Head Master, Spratton Hall, Northamptonshire

Simon’s talk was inspiring and kept the students engaged throughout. The students were keen to ask questions at the end of the talk, which is always a great sign and many have gone away thinking about how they might combine their passion with a career. I’ve already booked him for next term. 

– James Smart, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, St Helen & St Katherine, Oxford

Simon gave an insightful and interesting talk to our sixth formers on travel journalism. It proved to be an excellent way to broaden our students’ horizons around travel and life as a hard working journalist. Inspiring stuff.

– Will Speke, Deputy Head, Fitzharrys School, Abingdon.

Simon has a treasure chest of experiences from which to draw on and kept a group of sixty ten-year-olds enthralled. His presentation was pitched perfectly for this age group, using video clips and dramatic photography to help the children really engage with his experiences. Simon’s patient and caring responses to the myriad questions the youngsters posed was particularly appreciated by us all. I’ve already asked him back!

– Michael Andrews, Head of Enrichment, St John’s College, Cambridge

Simon came and gave an interesting and inspiring talk to our cultural capital club on his life in travel journalism. It gave the students an insight into the world of writing, but also on the opportunities that travel can bring them. Simon was engaging and the students were able to relate to what he told them – especially that you need to follow your dreams and work hard to get there!

– Tom Peterson, Assistant Community Director, The Oxford Academy

Simon is a fantastic young man who has dozens, if not hundreds, of funny and highly interesting anecdotes from a life spent living nomadically as a journalist around the world. Our students relished the chance to ask him about getting into journalism and exploring the planet. A brilliant public speaker accompanied by photos and videos.

– Lisa Curtiss, Journalism Studies Course Leader, Solent University

Simon was invited to give the keynote speech at both of our Student Awards events at  our Ellesmere Port and Crewe campuses. Each event was in front of an audience of over 200 people. Simon managed to captivate both audiences with his presentation which was a mixture of verbal anecdote, photo and video. As well as holding the interest of the whole audience Simon was a pleasure to work with. He was a great communicator, punctual and just an all-round good guy.     

– Mike Lorimer, Director of Marketing and Communication, Cheshire College South & West

Simon’s talk showed my Year 12 students the importance of pursuing those things in life about which they are passionate, not solely because they have a clear career path labelled to them. The idea of taking risks and using the skills they have in a more creative way to forge a living is most definitely a message that will last with them. Very much hoping that his talk will become an annual feature of our Enrichment programme at Sutton High.

– Hannah Harvey, Head of Sixth Form, Sutton High School

Simon is an exciting and engaging speaker that had the students on the edge of their seats. In an age where social media and technology can impact students’ lives as negatively as it can positively it was fantastic to have hear from someone who did not intend to let life pass him by without getting out there and seeing it. I know that the students benefited from hearing him and I hope it encouraged them to find their dreams and follow them!

– Sarah Leonard, Programme Director, Cambridge University

Simon’s talk was not only fascinating and engaging, but carried an inspiring message about acknowledging who you are. Instead of conforming to “normality”, Simon has chosen a life which suits who he truly is – something we could all learn from.

– Phil Sanger, Director, Vault IP Law Firm

A real highlight of TEDx Leam 2017 was speaker Simon Parker. Sharing his experiences, adventures and a clear message to change your perspective. Authentic and engaging, inspiring a fresh challenge to go beyond perceived limitations. Enjoyable and thought provoking.

– Claire Brewster, Director, Coaching and Communications, Bright Living